Nominee Criteria

The deadline for nominations is 11:59PM EST, June 30th, 2023.

Nominees are evaluated on ways in which they perform above and beyond expectations in the areas listed below. Nomination letters should indicate and differentiate between contributions which are generally expected and contributions that go above and beyond the nominee’s regular responsibilities. Please make sure ALL nomination criteria are addressed and give specific examples. You are encouraged to ask your nominee to supply further information if needed.

How to Nominate Someone

  1. Send your nominations to Please include the nominee’s first name, last name and award for consideration to the subject line of the email
  2. Provide one (1) letter of nomination and two (2) additional letters supporting the nomination based on the criteria listed above (This can be a nominee’s CV). Additional letters will not be reviewed.
  3. The complete nomination package (one nomination letter, and two letters of support) must be received all at once in one PDF file – not separately. Incomplete nomination packages will not be considered. Email the PDF to the above mentioned email address. The nomination letter, and the two letters of support should be typed or written/printed legibly.
  4. Please note that if more than one nomination packet is submitted for the same employee, only the first nomination packet received will be reviewed.